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Buy Dr JRK Siddha Tolenorm Oil at Best Price Online

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JRK Siddha ToleNorm Oil

Indications : Vitiligo ,Hypopigmentary conditions. Composition : Each 5ml contains extract of : Wrightia tinctoria 50 mg Psoralea corylifolia 50 mg Indigofera tinctoria 50 mg Piper longum 50 mg Oleum Cocos nucifera QS Mechanism of Action : Augment tyrosinase activity at pre and post transcriptional level. Augments α- MSH activity. (Melanocytes stimulating Hormone) Increase dendrite formation in melanocytes. Transfer the melanosomes to keratinocytes. Usage/Application : Apply Tolenorm oil on affected areas. After absorption of oil, optional sun exposure for 3-5 minutes. Thereafter apply Tolenorm ointment and spread evenly. Apply thrice a day to ensure high bio-availability of active ingredients. Continue usage as advised above till total repigmentation. Benefits of the product : Dual drug therapy offers quick absorption, faster action, sustained release of actives and longer drug availability which is necessary to regain pigments. Retain the existing melanised skin. Restrict the disease progression. Tolenorm oil is non-messy and gets absorbed easily. Presentation : In 50 ml and 100ml amber pet containers. Contraindications : There are no known contra-indications.

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