Dr JRK Siddha Immuno BS Herbal Tonic
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Dr JRK Siddha Immuno BS Herbal Tonic

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Indications : Immune modulation for Pediatric use Composition : Each 30ml contains extract of : Indigofera aspalathoides 10 mg Celastrus paniculatus 10 mg Corallocarpus epigaeus 10 mg Solanum trilobatum 50 mg Ocimum sanctum 50 mg Wrightia tinctoria 10 mg Bacopa monnnieri 10 mg Piper longum 10 mg Piper nigrum 10 mg Zingiber officinale 10 mg Tinospora cordifolia 10 mg Leucas aspera 50 mg Piper betle 10 mg Syrup base QS Mechanism of Action : Boosts immune defense against pathogens. Improves digestive function. Stimulates appetite. Improves assimilation of nutrients. Dosage/Application : 1 to 3 yrs : 10 ml once daily before food. 4 yrs and above: 10 ml twice daily before food. Benefits of the product : A unique formulation for immune boosting and immune protection in children. Continuous use prevents recurrence of upper respiratory tract infections. Addresses the common Health problems of the pediatric age group from 1 yr. to 12 yrs. Improves appetite and digestion and thus helps to gain weight in children. Effectively boosts the phagocyte mediated immunity and helps to increase the level of elimination of various antigens and pathogens. No known side effect in prescribed dosage. Presentation : S.I.V.A herbal tonic is presented in 200 ml pet containers. Contraindications : There are no known contra-indications.

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