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Psoriasis - Buy Best in Quality Psoriasis Products Online

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes the rapid buildup of skin cells. This buildup of cells causes scaling on the skin’s surface. Inflammation and redness around the scales is fairly common. Typical psoriatic scales are whitish-silver and develop in thick, red patches. Sometimes, these patches will crack and bleed. Psoriasis is the result of a sped-up skin production process. Typically, skin cells grow deep in the skin and slowly rise to the surface. Eventually, they fall off. The typical life cycle of a skin cell is one month. In people with psoriasis, this production process may occur in just a few days. Because of this, skin cells don’t have time to fall off. This rapid overproduction leads to the buildup of skin cells. Scales typically develop on joints, such elbows and knees. They may develop anywhere on the body, including the:

-       hands

-       feet

-       neck

-       scalp

-       face

Less common types of psoriasis affect the nails, the mouth, and the area around genitals.It’s commonly associated with several other conditions, including:

-       type 2 diabetes

-       inflammatory bowel disease

-       heart disease

-       psoriatic arthritis

-       anxiety

-       depression

The most common symptoms of plaque psoriasis include:

-       red, raised, inflamed patches of skin

-       whitish silver scales or plaques on the red patches

-       dry skin that may crack and bleed

-       soreness around patches

-       itching and burning sensations around patches

-       thick, pitted nails

-       painful, swollen joints

Psoriasis is not a very common condition and it needs full observation to treat it. Psoriasis may never go from the patient's body but the patient can definitely try to control it and live a healthy happy life. To achieve the happiness, ayurveda megastore provides the patients with lots of ayurvedic medicines that can help the patients with psoriasis and those are ;

        -    Dr JRK Siddha Pesin Capsule

-       Axiom Neem Juice

-       Vasu Cutisora Oil

-       Vasu Cutisora Tab

-       Axiom Pipal Swaras

-       Vadira Moisturizer

-       Axiom Marigold juice

-       Xovak Pharma Skynkyor

-       Dr JRK Siddha 777 Oil

-       Axiom Wheat Grass Juice

-       Himalaya Talekt Capsules

-       Jamna Blood Pure Capsule

-       Kerala Ayurveda Winsoria

-       Dr JRK Siddha Pesin Capsule