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Dr. Patkar's Turmeric Latte

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Dr. Patkar's Turmeric Vinegar

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Dr. Patkar's Vitamin D3

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Dr. Patkar's Wheatgrass Powder

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Dr. Patkar's White vinegar

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Dr.Patkar's Detox Foot Patch

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Dr Patkar - Buy Best in Quality Dr Patkar Products Online

Dr. Patkar’s Brand is known all over the world for its Innovative Product range focusing on the Health & wellness of an individual. They believe in a holistic approach to wellness. When it is time to address the root of systemic problems with your body or lifestyle, They have your back! The USP is that all kinds of vinegar are healing vinegar (4-6 months of natural fermentation, This is one of the healthiest and most nutritious varieties of vinegar) and not commercial kinds of vinegar (machine fermentation). Their company provides a variety of products that provide the benefits you need to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Their products are not only endorsed by medical professionals, but they're also perfect for everyday use. At Dr. Patkar's
customer needs are their topmost priority, for convenience, They also manufacture 200ml travel packs.

They have a variety of products that target different lifestyle issues. Though these products are food supplements and not
medicines, they act like medicines for common health issues. So as to make yourself fit from within Common Medical Problems seen in the day to day lifestyle like:

Diabetes (controls sugar level, we have enhanced this quality by adding cinnamon and fenugreek)
Kidney stone
Thyroid issues
Increased cholesterol and blood pressure
Weight loss
Cold and cough
Hair fall and pimples